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Before I continue with my bookish musings, I thought I should provide my readers with a little more background about myself, as there seems to be some confusion about my identity.

To  reiterate: I’m a private library, a personal collection of books. I also hold some papers, ephemera, and even a few multi-media items. I am made of books, but I, Willa, am their presiding spirit.  Books make up my body, but I am their spirit as a whole.

As a spirit, I live in an imaginal realm, on the same plane as the nature spirits of old or, say, Santa Claus. In fact, my ancestry goes back to the dryads, the tree nymphs of ancient Greece. LW learned that the word library comes from the Old French librarie: a collection of books, which goes back to the Latin term for “a chest of books” and on down the etymological line to “book, paper, parchment,” “the inner bark of a tree,” and interestingly, the verb “to peel.” 

Reading this, she realized she had found my family name: Peel. So I am now Willa Peel and am quite pleased to be.